Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions
Mining Industry >
Coal mine main shaft (depudy shaft) hoist  solutionBelt conveyor system   solutions, Mine ventilation system solutions,etc

Cement Industry >
 Cement plant motor energy saving,The application of high voltage frequency converter cement plant, etc

Power Sector >
 The application of high voltage inverter in the power plant water pump, The application of high voltage inverter in the blower, etc

Metallurgical >
 High voltage frequency converter can be used in power plant, coking plant, steel mills, steel mills, sintering plant, rolling mills and so on

Petrochemical >
 In the petrochemical industry, fan, water pump and compressor adopts frequency control of motor speed for energy saving.

Papermaking >
 Inverter is mainly used in papermaking industry include: dry pulp pump, blower, pulp thick liquid machine, grinding machine, machine, etc

Other Industries >
 Frequency converter as an important energy-saving tool is widely used in various industrial fields