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Electric Control System For DC Winder >

Uses: For coal, metallurgy, mining, non-ferrous metal shaft, inclined or other places which demand high-power and high-performance speed adjusting, as a corollary equipment of electric control of various hoister driven by DC motor.



Electric Control System For AC Winder>

The product suitable for the mine shaft, inclined shaft or other places which demand . Various types of hoisting machines are driven by wound  AC motor with rotor wound to replaced the traditional electric control system which consists of relays and contactors.It can not only be used in the installation of new mine but also in the construction of old mine. It is a set of mine hoist electric control device which stands in the national leading level.



 Adoption of variable frequency speed control in shaft hoist not only improves speed control performance and precision, but saves energy. Due to a long working stroke for a shaft hoist, there’s a large quantity of power generating feed-back energy shall be treated for its long-time use in the shaft.


Electric Control System For Winder (explosion-proof inverter )>

Explosion-proof electric control device is applicable to underground of explosive gas (methane) and dust area . For the power supply voltage of 380V or 660V, 1140V, motor power of 30 ~ 500KW AC motor control of the governor.


Electric Control System For Pump / Fan(VFD )>

The products are used in the power supply voltage of the main fan to 6KV (Main Drainage) electric power supply, frequency converter can be measured according to the system air volume (flow)


Electric Control System For belt-conveyor>

The product is used in mining sites in the transport belt. D evice  constitutes a variety of program options to meet a variety of electrical control requirement of belt conveyor, the exception of the conveyor necessary position, but also has control function of locking and on-line with other apparatus.


Electric Control System For Belt Conveyor>

Uses:This product is applicable to explosive gas (methane) and coal dust in the mine, as the automatic control and protection equipment composed by the transport line of multiple conveyor.