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cement industry describe (frequency inverter)

Cement production, the basic process includes: the preparation of raw materials (proportional mixing mill) → calcined (1450 ℃) → clinker (adding suitable amount of gypsum, grinding)→ Portland cement.

Basic production technology for “grinding 1、2 burning”, raw material grinding mill adopts vertical mill, cement mill using ball mill.

Inverter in cement industry in each link of transmission:

Load type:

Simple and complex: simple without complex high precision because of the application; Complicated because of various types of transmission, if the word "hope" business leads to errors, roots blower for reloading the application actually, classifier should also be in accordance with the overloading amplification even a way to select frequency converter; In general, in addition to the standard of centrifugal fan should be consider reloading the application.

Power range: 7.5 kW of conveyor belt, there are 630 kW 630 kW of rotary kiln, heat fan

A variety of voltage: dc transmission is likely to be of rotary kiln, kiln head fan may also be a 690 v, 6 kv medium voltage applications often appear in the kiln head exhaust fan, exhaust fan the transformation, the coal mill fan with high temperature cycle fan in the new.

Customers: the characteristics of both may be OEM to provide complete sets of equipment, it is possible that tender method of electrical matching.

Cement mill production system of inverter can achieve the following objectives:

Drive motor soft start. 5000 t/d production line: about 3800 kw, cement raw meal grinding motor 2 * 3550 kw grinding motor; Its startup inrush current can reach more than 12 times of the rated current, direct can lead to the auxiliary power trip;

Inrush current caused by fever, avoid startup motor insulation damage, prolong the service life of motor;

Mill speed control accuracy, process adjustment purposes;

In the case of load dissatisfaction, driven by frequency conversion adjusting speed, has the certain energy-saving effect.

Load name Equipment power(kw) Quantity(set) Load factor(%) Operating power(kw) Electricity-saving rate(%) Each save electricity(Ten thousand yuan/year
5000t/d Cement mill 3550 2 90% 3195 6.0% 91.10

Note: running time according to the 7920 hours (330 days), electricity prices calculated at 0.6 yuan/kWh.

The cement industry variable frequency drive optimization summary:

In a 5000 t/d NSP cement production line as an example, through the frequency control of motor speed to achieve energy saving effect of electrical equipment usually can be summarized as follows:

Usually given in the table of the energy saving effect, specific case should be according to customer's actual operation condition analysis and calculation.

Equipment Installed power(kw) Electricity-saving rate(%)
Raw meal grinding exhaust fan 1800x2 12%~25%
High temperature preheater fan 1400 10%~20%
Kiln head fan 800 15%~25%
Coal grinding exhaust fan 630 15%~25%
Cement grinding cycle fan 355x2 13%~23%
Cement mill classifier dust exhaust fan 560x2 15%~25%
Grate cooler fan 250 15%~26%
Air compressor 132 8%~15%