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Description of the electric power industry (frequency converter)

In the electric power industry, power plants can be divided by the different methods of power generation, thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power and biomass power generation. Coal-fired power plant process flow for the first heating by burning coal boiler to generate steam, using the power of steam turbine rotate and through its connected generator to produce electricity.

Thermal process is composed of six major system: the fuel system, specific system, system, circulating water system, power distribution system and the ash system. Frequency converter has important application in each system.

Ac frequency conversion speed regulation technology is the main direction of modernization of electric drive. Variable frequency speed regulation technology can play a role in improving process, smooth speed control curve, large range of speed, high efficiency, small starting current, smooth operation, energy saving effect is good, is the fan and pump equipment a new technology, the best energy saving reconstruction has been widely used in electric power industry. From low to high voltage series frequency control of motor speed, voltage and 380 v, 690 v, 1000 v, 3000 v, 6000 v, etc. In general, 300 mw thermal power unit need primary air fan of two, two sets secondary air fan, two sets induced draft fan, two sets condensate pump, two sets circulating pump , two sets feed water pump, two sets ash pump , one sets desulfurization booster fan, a total of 15 sets of auxiliary equipment, the total power of 30000 kw. A rough estimate, usually will need to have unit with inverter 8-10 per unit.

we use a 200 mw coal-fired power ChunNing unit as an example, through the frequency control of motor speed to achieve energy saving effect of auxiliary equipment usually has the following equipment:

Device name Installed power(kw) Electricity-saving rate(%)
Condensate pump 630 15%~25%
Circulating water pump 1250 6%~15%
Water supply pump 500 8%~16%
Slurry pump 710 5%~12%
primary air fan 1400 15%~25%
secondary air fan 800 18%~28%
Exhaust fan 800 12%~25%
Induced draft fan 1600 15%~30%
Blower fan 1800 15%~25%

(Note: the energy saving effect usually given in the table, the specific case to work according to customer's actual operation situation analysis and calculation.)