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Metallurgical industry solution overview

Power consumption in iron and steel industry mainly comes from the ironmaking and steelmaking and rolling equipment in the application of all kinds of electric auxiliary machinery. Most of large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises have: concentrator, coking plant, sintering plant, steel mills, steel mills, rolling mills, etc.

The scale of the project:

For blast furnace, in general, 300-999 cubic meters of blast furnace needs to match the blast furnace dust removal fan and the blast furnace blower pump, circulating pump and slag, such as high voltage motor about 10 units, total power is about 10000 kW. 1000-1999 cubic meters of blast furnace high voltage motor about 10 units, total power is about 15000 kW.

For steelmaking converter and steel-making furnace, in general, 50-99 tons of steel-making converter or steelmaking furnace need to match a dedusting fan of converter, secondary dedusting fan of converter dust removal fan, circulating pump, refining, high voltage motor for about 5 units, the total power of about 3000 kw. 100-299 tons of steel-making converter or steelmaking furnace, high voltage motor for about 5 units, the total power of about 7000 kw. More than 300 tons of steel-making converter high voltage motor total power is about 12000 kW.

Annual output of 3 million tons of iron and steel enterprises, the function of about 60 sets of high voltage transformation high voltage inverter, the energy saving effect is obvious.

The inverter application overview:

Wind power plant: (air compressor, oxygen compressor, nitrogen pressure machine), water (circulating pump, cooling pump), coal (belt), gas (gas pressurized machine), electricity (self-provided power plant boiler auxiliaries);

Coking plant: fan, coke dry quenching cycle precipitation, coke, coke oven blower;

Iron mill: the blast furnace (the iron precipitation or furnace dust removal fan, trough, the blast furnace blower), the main peripheral devices are hot blast stove of blast furnace (blast furnace combustion fan), feeding system (coal injection powder exhaust fan) and water slag processing equipment (blast furnace cinder flushing pump);

Sintering plant: sintering main exhaust fan, air cooler, the tail precipitation, precipitation, ingredients for original materials storehouse, finished-product stock, waste heat boiler circulation fan, desulfurization booster fan;

Steelworks: a dusting of converter, converter secondary precipitation, refining furnace dust removal, mixer, electric furnace dust removal fan, phosphorus removal pumps, turbidity, ring, ring net;


Rolling mill: the tower pump, high pressure pump, low pressure pump.