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CYJ-BT-01 intelligent pumping unit control system

CYJ - BT - 01 type electronic control system, intelligent pumping unit is mainly composed of signal acquisition unit, control unit, drive unit and communication unit. Various types of control for ac asynchronous motor drive digital beam pumping unit, the working condition of pumping unit and oil well can be realized data collection, transmission and remote and local control.

Applicable environment:

1, the ambient temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃;

2, air relative humidity 90% RH or less (+ 25 ℃);

3, the wild open without strong vibration and shock environment;

4, protection class IP54;

5, suitable voltage AC380, 660, 1140 v, 80% ~ 110% Ue.

6, drive motor power: 22 ~ 132 kw;

Main functions:

1, has the independent power frequency and frequency conversion control circuit, which can realize frequency and power frequency, automatic manual conversion;

2, with local/remote start-stop function, the local control is preferred;

3, have speed of manual and automatic adjustment function;

4, have balance discrimination and manual and automatic balance adjustment function;

5, balance adjustment and speed regulating have interlock function, unable to function at the same time;

6, with load, displacement and three-phase electric parameter acquisition function;

7, wellhead indicator diagrams acquisition, storage, and analysis of single electrical power figure collection, storage and analysis;

8, with cable, wireless and GPS signal transmission function;

9, external communication interrupt, can be adjusted according to the working condition of automatic calculation and balance of pumping unit and inferior parameters;

10, net autonomous closed-loop control;

11, network transmission failure, the local control cabinet have run the data backup function;

12, with overload, open phase, lightning protection level (equipment) and other protection function;

13, voice alarm;

14, friendly man-machine interface, has a wealth of equipment and working condition of oil well display function.

Structure features:

1, CYJ - BT - 01 type structure of cabinet, electric control system of intelligent pumping unit is mainly composed of dedicated controller and frequency converter in two parts;

2, dedicated controller by the main control module, digital instrument, action buttons, LCD and other parts;

Part 3, frequency control of motor speed by frequency converter, braking resistor and other parts.

Product features:

1, this system adopts the inverter asynchronous motor driven directly by positive &negative, implementing TDD stroke, stroke, has speed control. Simplify the structure of the pumping unit system, improve the working efficiency.

2, strictly implement standardization, seriation, generalization of the system design principle, the product has the characteristics of "strong and reliable, cost-effective". Not only applicable to all kinds of ac motor drive control pumping unit, especially suitable for old equipment renovation project - digital oilfield engineering.

3, I own development company dedicated controller as the core control device of the pumping unit, the external drive and sensors. Implements the wellsite pumping unit of local and remote start, stop, and stroke, speed regulating function. Perfect the oil well pressure, temperature, flow rate of well site, load capacity, stroke, stroke, pumping voltage, current, hard working parameters, such as acquisition, information can be collected by a variety of communication network to upload to the monitoring center. Meet the needs of digital oilfield construction intelligent electronic control system of pumping unit.

4, in accordance with the requirements of production technology and professional management, the implementation of classification, level, level trend of early warning, early warning in advance, at the same time through the warning history query and information feedback, realize from the remedial to advance warning, timely discovery is unusual, reduce reactive loss.

5, system real-time optimization adjustment. Can be in accordance with the requirements of production technology and management of real-time optimization adjustment, effectively avoid repetition, inefficient work, improve efficiency, the liberation of productive forces.

6, complete fault alarm system. System all fault can have alarm prompt, and there will be a failure record, failure record contains important parameters: the system at the time of time, such as stroke, speed, direction, pressure, oil temperature, oil Wells pumping voltage, the current pumping unit, the field temperature, etc. Abnormal failure record clues to provide good basis for accident analysis.

The main criteria:

1, Q/SY CQ3436-2011 pumping unit electric parameters automatically according to the indicator diagrams acquisition technical specification

2, Q/SY 1233-2009 balance of beam pumping unit and operation specification

3, Q/SY CQ3421-2012 digital pumping unit specification