Service Support


• What does China Huafei manufacture?

 A:Huafei manufactures low voltage, medium voltage AC and flameproof drives, with voltages ranging from 380V to 11KV, and wattages from 1KW to 12500KW. The Huafei GBP series of Medium Voltage VFDs encompasses both General types and High-performance types. General type VFDs save energy by adjusting the motor's rotator speed and are mainly used with fan and pump motors in power generation, mining, petrol chemical production, metallurgy, and municipal applications. High-performance type VFDs use vector control and regenerative technology allowing them to exert constant torque, respond quickly, maintain a wider scope of speed regulation and break rapidly. It can also regenerate the energy back to the grid when the load is braking. It is mainly used with mining hoists, conveyors and rolling mill motors, and also has other marine and engine applications.

• Is it safe to use a VFD on- site?

A:The VFD design is geared towards on site safety with proper installation, operation and maintenance. As with all electronic equipment, the user must comply strictly with the user manual guidelines to ensure personnel and site safety. 

• Can the VFD protect the motor?

A:The VFD limits the starting current to protect the motor from the starting current shock. The VFD AVR function adjusts the output voltage automatically to avoid over-voltage damage to the motor insulation system. This reduces the motor no-load loss.

• Does the VFD supply fault diagnosis data and/or is it equipped with a protection function?

A:The Huafei GBP series MV VFD issues complete fault inspection and is also equipped with a diagnosis function.  The system will classify the fault into light fault or heavy fault. When fault does occur, an alarm is automatically triggered. In the case of light fault the system can continue to start or stop the motor. In case of heavy fault the system alarm will go off, interrupt the grid and record the fault information.

• How should VFDs be maintained for daily operation?

A:Daily maintenance and recording of the VFD running data is necessary. We recommend the following daily preventative maintenance: checking the indoor temperature and ventilation conditions where the VFD is located. The VFD temperature display, and cooling fans should also be inspected. Also, any abnormal sounds should merit further investigation. The internal cabinet should be dusted once per month.