Electric Control System Series


Electric Control System Series
Electric Control System for Belt Conveyor

Electric Control System for Belt Conveyor

TAG: Mine explosion-proof and the security type belt conveyor protection device control devices
Product number:belt control 2


Configuration: consist of main console ( for accomplishing abelt conveyor control and protection ), driven device ( MV VFD or Low voltage VFD ), assistance control ( assistance control cabinet, MV switch cabinet etc.).

Application: It is used in coal mine or metal mine, suitable for power plant, cement plant, chemical plant which need to control the belt conveyor.

Intelligent belt-conveyor main control console


The product is used in mining sites in the transport belt. D evice constitutes a variety of program options to meet a variety of electrical control requirement of belt conveyor, the exception of the conveyor necessary position, but also has control function of locking and on-line with other apparatus。

Intelligent belt-conveyor main control console is the core control devices of the system which used advanced technology and reliable performance of the programmable controller, a sound process to deal with all transport requirements, the operation status display has adopted the touch type colored LCD of DIGITAL Company's production. Remote networking system can transport various operation states to the dispatching room and other places to monitor

BPDK-TS low-voltage VF adjusting speed cabinet:


The product completes the electric drive control of belt conveyors with the main console . Frequency conversion cabinet uses imported products and has various control modes of voltage frequency control, vector control and direct torque control etc. a variety of start-stop operation curves can be set to meet requirements of conveyor systems for the governor's request. The exception of smooth start-up and conveyor speed control, the control system presents obvious energy saving effect under the state of low speed running for a long time (e.g. transporting passengers, ropes inspection and belt inspection) which has advantages of simple structure, outstanding speed-adjusting performance and high reliability, is an advanced speed-adjusting mode also is the developing direction of conveyor speed-adjusting control mode

Technical parameters:

1、Main circuit supply voltage: 3AC 380V 660V、1140V、6000V、10000V

2、Controlled electromotor power: 75~3000KW

3、Overload capability: 100% series; 150% one minute

4、Speed adjustable range: ≥100:1

5、Control supply: 3AC 380V

6、Logic control mode: PLC programming

ZPDK-TS DC speed-adjusting control system


The device consists of double devices: main console and DC speed-adjusting cabinet. DC speed-adjusting cabinet uses 6RA70 series of DC speed-adjusting devices which are produced by Siemens as main components, together with various protection devices and circuits. There are single-quadrant or four-quadrant optional specifications, and there is a good speed and high precision, fast dynamic response, and big starting torque, a variety of operation curves of startting and stopping can meet a variety of requests of conveyor to speed adjusting device. Simple structure and high reliability is a speed control mode of superior performance.

Technical parameters:

1、Main circuit supply voltage: 3AC 400V~830V

2、Controlled electromotor power: 30~2500KW

3、Overload capability: 100% series;150% one minute

4、Speed adjustable range: ≥100:1

5、Controlling Power: 3AC 380V

6、Logic control mode: PLC programming

7、DC output voltage: 485~1000V

8、DC output current: 30~2000A(parallel 10000A)

Mine explosion-proof and the security type belt conveyor protection device control devices

KZJS-1 Mine explosion-proof and the security type belt-conveyor protectio device control box


This product is applicable to explosive gas (methane) and coal dust in the mine, as the automatic control and protection equipment composed by the transport line of multiple conveyor.


Conveyor has randomness of turning or stopping - that is if there is coal, conveyor automatically run, non-coal automatic parking, with obvious effects of saving energy and reducing consumption. Single-chip microcomputer as the core of the master control loop, the protection of a full-featured with a coal bunker high-and low-coal-bit protection, head protection under the coal-bit, skid low protection, belt protection, the protection of deviation, horizontal tear protection, smoke protection, temperature protection, over-temperature cooling when automatic sprinkler. Working state can be a variety of languages and digital display, clear intuitive. Carrying on in the system on-line through RS485 network between every one which can monitor the working state of the other one in the whole system . Data can also be communicate to far scheduling rooms to monitor. Machine with low power consumption, anti-interference ability, security and good performance.

Technical parameters:

1、Power supply voltage: AC36V

2、Control circuit contact capacity:

AC3 10A/36V (control circuit)

AC3 10A/36V(sprinkler loop)

3、Intrinsically safe circuit power supply: DC 12V

4、Intrinsically safe power supply open circuit voltage: DC 12.5V

5、Intrinsically safe power supply short circuit current: DC 0.55A

KJD—36 Mine Explosion-proof conveyor randomized control device


The main features of this product is the beginning of conveyor ---- that is, stop with the randomness of the whole transport each line are coal conveyor run automatically with no automatic shutdown of coal. Coal bunker with high-and low-coal-bit protection, head protection under the coal-bit, belt (chain) protection, skid low speed protection protection, the protection of deviation, horizontal tear protection, temperature protection, smoke protection and other protection. Also has the acousto-optic signal monitoring can be achieved between each of the communications, different sound and light signals indicates the conveyor of the different working condition. Full use of the main circuit composed of CMOS integrated circuits, performance reliability, low power consumption, security, performance, simple structure and easy to use.


Equipment Type

Equipment Name

Explosion Type




Mine explosion-proof and the security type belt conveyor protection device control box

Mine explosion-proof  and intrinsically safe  box conveyor random 

Mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe




Mine logistic sensor

Intrinsically safe



Mine coal-bit sensor

Intrinsically safe



Mine speed sensor

Intrinsically safe



Mine deviation sensor

Intrinsically safe



Mine tear sensor

Intrinsically safe



Mine temperature sensor

Intrinsically safe



Mine smoke sensor

Intrinsically safe



Mine-safety two-way  switch cord

Intrinsically safe



Mine explosion-proof solenoid valve

Mine explosion-proof

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