Oil Pumping Unit Control System
Oil Pumping Unit Control System

Oil Pumping Unit Control System

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CYJ-BT-01 Intelligent electric control system for petroleum pumping device

It mainly consists of signal acquisition unit, control unit, driven unit and communication unit which suitable for controlling various kind of digitalized petroleum pumping device driven by AC asynchronous motor. It can accomplish working condition data acquisition and transmission of petroleum pumping device and oil well, as well as long distance and local control.

Application ambient:

1.Ambient temperature:-40℃~+85℃;

2.Relative air humidity≤90%RH(+25℃)

3.No severe vibration and shock in the open;

4.Protection level: IP54;

5.Adaptable voltage AC380, 660, 1140V, 80%~110%Ue;

6.Power of driven motor: 22~132kW;

Main functions:

1.With power frequency circuits and variable frequency circuits which is independent to each other so that can accomplish manual switch between power frequency and variable frequency;

2.With functions of local/ remote start and stop, local control is in priority.

3.With functions of manually and automatically regulating stroke frequency;

4.With functions of self distinguishing balance degree, manually and automatically regulating of balance degree;

5.With interlock function between balance regulation and stroke frequency regulation that cannot act synchronously;

6.With acquisition functions of loading, displacement and three phases electrical parameters;

7.Work diagram acquisition, storage and analyze at the pit top, as well as single current work diagram acquisition, storage and analyzing;

8.With multi signal transmission functions of wired, wireless and GPS etc;

9.It can automatically calculate and adjust the petroleum pumping machine parameters of balance and stroke frequency according to working condition when the external communication is outage;

10.Autonomously closed loop control after taking off from network

11.The local control cabinet is with the function of backup operation data after network transmission failure;

12.With protection functions of overload, phase loss and anti-lightning (device grade);

13.Voice alarm;

14.Friendly man and machine interface with multi functions of displaying working condition for equipment and petroleum well.

Structure features:

1.CYJ-BT-01 Intelligent electric control system for petroleum pumping device is a cabinet structure which is mainly divided into dedicated controller and frequency inverter;

2.This dedicated controller is mainly consisted of main control module, digital gauge, operation button and LCD screen;

3.The frequency speed control part is consisted of frequency inverter, braking resistor etc.


1.The asynchronous motor can be driven directly in clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation by this system through frequency inverter, which can accomplish controlling the stroke, stroke frequency and speed of up and down. This system can simplify the petroleum pumping machine system so that enhance work efficiency.

2.Strictly execute the system design discipline of standardization, serialization and generalization. This product is with the features of high reliable and cost effective. It is suitable for controlling the petroleum pumping machine which driven by AC motor, especially for renovating the old machine to digitalized oil field.

3.It adopts self developed controlling components which are dedicated for petroleum pumping machine as core controlling components, matching with outer driven device and sensor. It can accomplish the functions of start and stop in local and remote, and also can regulate the stroke and stroke frequency of the petroleum pumping machine in the oil well. It can consummate the working condition acquisition of pressure in oil well, temperature, flow, load capacity, stroke, stroke frequency, voltage, current and work of the petroleum pumping machine, and then upload the information to the monitoring center through communication network. It is an intelligent electric control system for petroleum pumping device which is satisfied to construct digitalized petroleum field.

4.According to requirements of production technics and specialized management to early warning and tendency warning based on classification, hierarchy, stratification so that can change to early warning in prior from afterward remedy through warning record and message feedback. It can find out abnormal to reduce consumption without work.

5.To optimize and regulate the system at real time according to production technics and management requirements so that can avoid repetition, low efficiency to emancipate production ability.


6.With thorough faults alarm system, all the faults in the system will be reminded by warning and be recorded. The faults record contains the time, important parameters, such as stroke, stroke frequency, direction, pressure and temperature in the oil well, voltage and current of the pumping machine and temperature at scene etc. The faults records can provide useful gist and clues for analyzing the faults.