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Application of Huafei GBP Series Variable Frequency Drive in Carding Machine

2016-09-27 09:10:39 bobo HUAFEI Group

Application of Huafei GBP Series Variable Frequency Drive in Carding Machine

Abstract: Carding machine is used to process cotton fiber and chemical fiber. According to spinning process, carding is an important process. The former process of the carding machine is to open the clear cotton joint machine, after the procedure is the drawing machine (carding process) or the paper machine (combing process). In this paper, a textile mill card machine transformation, for example, introduced in detail Jiaozuo Huafei Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Developed GBP series variable frequency drive in the transformation of the card on the application.

Keywords: GBP series variable frequency drive, carding machine, textile machinery

I. Introduction

The working principle of the carding machine is that the cotton (fiber) roll or the oil-cotton (chemical fiber) layer supplied from the cotton box is opened and carded and impurityed, so that all the lap- And in this process, to get rid of broken flowers process seeds, impurities and short fiber, and then integrate a certain specification sliver, stored in the cotton tube, for the process of using the process, process The structure shown in Figure 1:

Fig.1 Process diagram of carding machine

1-feeding roller 2-feeding board 3-tampering roller 4-cylinder 5-cover plate 6-front and rear cover plate 7-doffer 8-stripping roller 9-cleaning roller 10-upper and lower rollers 11- Large pressure roller

Second, control requirements

This article only HuaFei electronic frequency changer driver in the card uses the scene request as the example to carry on the explanation, like chart 2 shows, the concrete control request has as follows:

System requirements A 4-kilowatt inverter drive control doffer speed, a 0.75-kilowatt inverter drive control feed roller, which drive the drive and control requirements include:

A. Low frequency large torque output, large cylinder inertia, start low speed requires a larger torque.

B. Fast and stable shutdown.

C. Analog output speed, analog output linearization as far as possible.

D. The output voltage is stable and the starting current is small.

E. Good performance to adapt to the environment, especially in the textile industry, high temperature, multi-batting scene.

F. By modifying the PLC program can be part of the communication program compatibility.

Figure 2 scene pictures

Third, HuaFei electronic GBP frequency changer driver introduction

GBP drive drive to DSP control system as a platform, the use of vector V / F control technology, and with a variety of protection methods can be applied to induction motors, providing excellent drive performance. Products in the duct design, hardware configuration, software functions are greatly enhanced customer ease of use and environmental adaptability. TUV SUD products through the CE certification, to ease the use of the customer provides a strong guarantee.

Technical Features:

◆ Frequency setting mode: digital setting, analog setting, pulse frequency setting, serial communication setting, multi-speed and simple PLC setting, PID setting, etc., can realize combination and mode switching of setting.

◆ Accurate self-learning of motor parameters, can accurately rotate or static motor parameters of self-learning, easy debugging, simple operation, to provide higher control accuracy and response speed

◆ Vectorized V / F control performance

◆ Good voltage and current control, effectively reducing the number of inverter drive protection

◆ provide a variety of braking methods, fast parking

◆ higher machine over-temperature point, more suitable for high temperature environment in the textile industry occasions

◆ Speed ​​tracking restart function: to achieve the rotation of the motor in the smooth start without impact

◆ Automatic voltage adjustment function: When the grid voltage changes, can automatically keep the output voltage constant

◆ provide a variety of fault protection: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, over temperature, phase, overload and other protection

Fourth, system wiring and debugging

The entire system is the original machine to fly the PLC to the inverter drive to run the command.GBP series frequency inverter drive compatible with the old Modbus-ASCII communication protocol, making the communication changes on handy.

4.1 System debugging

Debugging includes the following technical points:

First, start the smoothness of parking.

Second, the process to achieve high and low speed switch.

Three through the revision PLC procedure, realizes the correspondence compatible.

 * Set GBP inverter before referring to the parameters of the previous Delta drive.

 * Modify the PLC program, because GBP inverter is compatible with modbu-ASCII protocol, as long as the frequency address can be modified.

 * Observation and operation of the effect of no-load start and stop and stability.

 * With the test machine to ensure that the process is very good to complete.

 * long-term observation system stability.

4.2 Inverter drive parameter setting

Some key parameters of the inverter drive are shown in Table 1.

Table 1: GBP parameter settings table

The system drive driver with short circuit, overload, over voltage, phase loss, stall and other protection and fault output function, can effectively ensure safe and efficient operation of the system.

Fifth, concluding remarks

Huafei PLC although a niche brand, the market share is far less than Siemens and Mitsubishi, but in the early years, its matching ratio in the textile industry is still relatively objective, and now such equipment are facing technical problems, Of the PLC and communication is used in many MODBUS-ASCII way, so GBP inverter products in this area has some convenience, but also by improving the temperature and temperature pre-alarm function makes GBP inverter more suitable for the textile industry, especially the transformation of the market.

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