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Application of TBP Series Variable Frequency Drive in Aluminum Plate and Band Sawing Machine

2016-09-27 09:30:28 Bobo HUAFEI Group

Application of TBP Series Variable Frequency Drive in Aluminum Plate and Band Sawing Machine

Abstract: Adopting the common DC bus scheme, open-loop tension system and the first application on the domestic strip production line.

I. Introduction

As a part of the processing of aluminum strip, aluminum strip and strip edging machine is used to divide the aluminum strip according to customers' requirements and cut and cut the equipment of strip with different specifications. If the tension ring is unstable or the tension gradient is stable, it will cause the splice product to appear in the wrong layer, and the phenomena of "tower layer" and "bird's nest" appear in the unwinding and end face, the control precision and stability of the inverter drive , Directly affect the quality of strip products, appearance, etc. Therefore, in the selection, our main drive system used HuaFei TBP series products, the use of TBP variable frequency drive products, high-speed precision, high torque response and accuracy to ensure product Quality.

Second, equipment and equipment instructions

System Composition of Aluminum Sheet and Tape Trimmer Unit

Aluminum plate with a volume of trimming unit consists of five parts:

1. Uncoiling mechanism

Uncoiler institutions by the drive motor, reducer, up reel, roll diameter measuring devices and other components.

The main role: Uncoiler for carrying and open the coil at the same time to provide sub-volume entrance of the initial tension and tension in operation control.

2. Disc shearing and opening mechanism

Disc shear mechanism is the name suggests is to use a disc knife to cut off the edge of the strip equipment. According to the scissors transmission can be divided into shear and dynamic shear shear. Basically, all strip shearing machines cut the strip through the relative movement (rotation) of the upper and lower blades.

Opening mechanism: The cutting width of the strip is controlled by an AC motor. The accuracy of the cutting width is ensured by the high-accuracy ball screw and its high-precision encoder.

main effect:

Disc shear cut the edge of the strip, from the elimination of strip edge defects and ensure the role of the finished product width, so that normal work will not be due to belt-edge defects and broken. The apparatus consists of a disc shearing section and a set of flattening means at the front thereof. To ensure smooth cutting of the strip.

3. Coiling mechanism

Coiler by the drive motor, reducer, up and down the reel composition.

Function: The winder is used to carry and take up the coil while providing the initial tension of the exit and the power during operation.

4. Waste edge collection mechanism

Equipment from the transmission, reel, rack, pressure roller, discharge device and other components.

Role: for the disc shear under the waste side of the coiling.

5. Hydraulic system

Auxiliary hydraulic system, the roll car hydraulic system, unloading car hydraulic system.

Role: to provide for the production of some auxiliary work, such as loading and unloading, reduce labor intensity.

Third, the system program

3.1 Schematic diagram of the system

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the system

3.2 Control implementation

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of the main drive electrical

Main drive system Two sets of 90kW motors are composed of two sets of TBP-11-0090-4, the coiler is the speed control, the decoiler is the speed control, the torque limiting mode, guarantees that does not fly under the broken belt condition. As the open-book motor has been in the power generation state, therefore, through the common DC bus, the open-book motor to the excess energy through the DC bus to the winding motor to reduce energy loss, energy saving.

Braking unit and brake power selection, due to the design maximum speed of 250 m / s, as a result of these in the shortest possible time to stop the braking required by the design maximum speed of 250 m / s, the maximum volume diameter of about 1100kG, Thus, the energy at the maximum operating speed is: E = 1 / 2MV ^ 2 E = 343750kJ The power unit is approximately 90kW. Therefore, the emergency shutdown to 90kW of energy consumed within 4 seconds need 22.5kW per second energy, so the brake should be less than about 22.5kW power selection, it is selected 30kW. Resistance R> 4.4 Europe.

Due to the closed-loop control of the disc shears motor, and to synchronize with the coiling speed, in order to ensure the cutting edge of the neat, so the use of TBP products.

The waste side motor is just cut down for waste collection, using speed control. Using IPE200 products. The opening degree motor drives the ball screw, the control precision is ± 1mm, adopts the closed-loop control mode. Inverter drive using IPE200 products (here has been suggested that customers use GD35 variable frequency drive, the use of position control, higher control accuracy, faster response).

Fourth, the specific use of results

The whole system has more control on the variable frequency drive, such as control word, speed reference signal, torque limit upper limit, torque limit lower limit signal, etc. Because the whole system communication data volume is relatively large, and the drive drive speed response Accuracy, torque control response to a higher precision requirements.

4.1 System debugging

1) First, check the wiring before power on, to confirm the correct power;

2) The first step P0.18 is 1, parameter reset.

3) The second step to set the inverter parameters P0.0 to 0, P2.00 to 0 asynchronous machine mode, set the motor parameters.

4) Step 3: Rotation auto-learning of motor parameters: learn a few times, record P2.06-P2.10 parameters.

5) Step 4: Rotation of motor parameters Self-learning 1, Learn several times, record P2.06-P2.10 parameters. .

6) Step 5: Enter the parameter P2.06-2.10 according to the average value of the motor. Run the motor to check the motor running status and fine-tune the motor parameters.

7) Step 5: Verify that the encoder is installed and set correctly.

P00.00 Modify to 3 closed-loop mode, rotate the motor, check the parameter P16.11 whether the measured frequency of the encoder is consistent with the running frequency of the variable frequency drive, and check the motor running stability.

8) The drive of the inverter can run with the load. The parameters of P3 group and the motor parameters can be adjusted properly to ensure the tension of the main drive system during operation. If the tension is not stable, the appearance of the product will appear tower quality problems.

Figure 3 Curl diameter change and tension curve

4.2 variable frequency drive parameter setting

Main Drive Inverter Drive Part Parameters Table 2

Winding inverter function parameters:

Winding motor parameters:

Unwinding inverter function parameters:

Parameters of open-book motor:

Fifth, concluding remarks

Through a period of time observation and feedback from front-line staff, our variable frequency drive can completely replace ABB, Siemens brand inverter drive in the application of sub-roll cutting machine, also can ensure the stability of production and the quality of products.

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